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Commodity trading(E-Commerce)

Sales of online web services. Conduct business using electronic media. In order to achieve the business goals the organization has set.

Create a site to accommodate a variety of devices (Responsive website)

Website design ideas only once. But it can be displayed on any screen size. The website will determine the size of the device. Layout will resize to fit the display automatically.

Website security (Web Security)

Protected data is secure. The data is encrypted with SSL Certificates.

Create SEO website and Google Adwords.

The website ranked the first few pages. In search with Search Engine like Google or called to do SEO.

Get out the logo's Web site

You'll see the logo ensures persistent sleep for sure.

Domain and hosting

You have a domain name .com, .net, org, xyz, and others with hosting (not just in the Wilderness).

Prepare complete the project

What about the students complete the project. All fields related to computer (Not just in the Wilderness).

The website received two languages - free translation.

Thailand was the site two languages - English, Thailand - Chinese, English - Japanese, etc.

Work preparation

1.Project finish AEvidence online storage system for quality assurance in education. Academy level courses
2.Project finish Shop operates phishing stores selling fishing equipment online
4.Project finish Reservation Online Classroom Building 6 Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University

6.Project finish table system Restaurants kengwa.

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